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What is Protein?

Protein makes up around 15% of our total body weight!

Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body and is a critical building block of body tissue. They also serve as an excellent source of fuel and are perfect to keep your energy and activity levels high. This nutrient can be found in skin, hair, blood, muscle, organs and even fingernails in the body. Proteins are responsible for transporting and storing nutrients, balancing fluids, supporting biochemical reactions and growth of the body among a lot more.

The bottom line: Get your body the required amount of protein daily!

Fact: Unlike carbs and fats, your waistline will not hold on to protein. Keep fuelling for good health!

What makes protein so important for the body?
  • Importance of Protein 1
    Importance of Protein 2

    Protein acts as a building block for bones, muscles, skin, and other components of the body.

  • Importance of Protein 2
    Importance of Protein 2

    Protein is essential for every cell in the body and helps build and repair tissues.

  • Importance of Protein 3

    Protein boosts the immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses that can cause illness.

  • Importance of Protein 4

    Protein acts as a fuel source for the body this boosting energy levels and stamina.

  • Importance of Protein 5

    Protein plays an important role in the formation of enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.

  • Importance of Protein 6

    Protein helps the body maintain optimum pH values of the blood and other bodily fluids.

Here are some common symptoms of

Protein Deficiency

Lack of adequate protein in the diet can lead to severe illness and even death in a developing country like India. A study published by the Food and Nutrient Journal claims that protein deficiency can lead to developmental problems such as a reduced IQ among others.

Symptoms include


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