By : Komal Thakur (Pharmacist, Naturopath, Health & Fitness Enthusiast)

Don't like apples? Try this fruit a day to keep your health issues at bay.

“An apple a day keep the doctor away.” Please do not stop reading ahead at this statement, because I am not going to speak more about an apple, or how an apple can keep the doctor away from you or any cliché jokes related to this statement. We have grown up listening to this time and again, multiple times, repeatedly. So much so that the other fruits have started feeling pretty left out already. Sure an apple has its own advantages. It has loads of advantages like it’s diabetic friendly, it has lots of fiber, it may help in weight loss; of course not by itself though but just because it’s low in calories, an apple also can help reduce the impact of NSAIDs on your gut. NSAIDs are generally pain killers that may have some side effects so an apple may help that out. So yes, definitely it’s a great fruit and it can do a lot of things for you. But hey, it’s pretty evident that so many of us just do not like apples, they can’t be juiced, they are not so great in taste, their texture just doesn’t sit well with many people, and lastly in India not everyone can afford to eat one apple every single day.


Although there are tons of other fruits that can do you very good, my simple advice is to just consume any one fruit every single day and that will do you good. But still not everyone can afford fruits every day, more over some fruits can just be tiring to eat and need peeling, seeding etc. So let us cut to the chase and focus on the fruit that is liked by everyone, kids and adults equally, that is super simple to eat and must be consumed every single day, without a doubt. And the winner is a BANANA!


Banana is a fruit that must be consumed every single day. I am going to recite a very simple story out here and it’s a real one.


A friend of mine suffered from Varicose veins which were laser treated. Although the pain in the veins was gone, her legs had become generally weak, the blood flow through the veins was quite restricted and hence although there was no pain it was evident that extra care had to be taken. What got a little worst was cramps, severe cramps anytime of the day and that got her into a fix. The pain was unbearable during the cramp and she was immobilized for those few minutes until the cramp lasted. Supplements, painkillers were prescribed but painkillers cannot be a long term solution. The dietician merely prescribed her to drink more water and eat 2-3 bananas daily. The frequency between the cramps stopped and a few months later she did not get those painful cramps anymore. That is the magic of a banana, our star here.


Banana is an instant energy booster. The natural sugars in it can give you that instant energy fix that you need. If you are a gym goer this is your go-to snack. Ladies, if you hear people telling you bananas will make you put on weight, please do not believe them either. They have zero cholesterol and are not high in fat. They might help you lose weight too because of the high fiber content.


Bananas are good also for your gut health. They relieve constipation instantly and can also ease bloating and other GI issues.


Bananas are also amazing for heart health because of their high potassium content. Magnesium is also present in decent quantities, which is good for heart health too.


Speaking about some really interesting health benefits, one of the most important benefits bananas have is their impact on mental health. They impact the amino acid tryptophan which in turn helps in serotonin production which is a happy hormone. Next time you feel sad and want to order an ice-cream, try eating a banana first and if that doesn’t work for you, once in a while the ice-cream wont hurt either. (Please be aware that sugars in the ice cream are not good for your health and they only give you the temporary feel good feeling)


In this lockdown most of us have suffered from insomnia intentional and unintentional both. We have our minds running amuck, uncontrollably, panicking for obvious reasons and losing our sleep totally. Banana to the rescue. Bananas help promoting a good night’s sleep too, again because of the whole tryptophan serotonin action that goes on.


The good part about banana is that it’s so versatile. Eat it, add it to your popular banana breads and cakes, add it to your breakfast cereal, make a smoothie out of it and just eat it any time.


The best way to enhance the banana power is mixing it with your protein supplement. Banana has a decent amount of protein however with an essential supplement like GRD: The Superior Protein, you can further boost your protein shake. GRD comes in multiple flavors, so pick your preference.

One banana, one spoon of GRD powder, half a cup yogurt, maybe chia or basil seeds, some water and just blend in all the goodness together and your entire day’s nutrition has been taken care of.


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