By : Komal Thakur (B.Pharm, Diploma in Naturopathy, Specialist in Clinical Dietetics)

Facelift with food

Millions of skincare products to choose from, millions of make-up brands, but they all are a big failure if your skin is inherently not healthy. All the women who are reading this will 100% relate to what I mean to say. When your facial skin is unhealthy, you cannot use any product to make it better. Once internal health is restored all good products can do miracles. It’s just like if the foundation is laid right, you can build anything on top of it. What you eat, decides the foundation of your whole body. What you consume throughout the day decides how every part of your body functions. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, so you can only imagine, how complex, yet how simple it is. It’s this skin that’s protecting all the vital organs in your body and ultimately what is visible, it’s your whole identity.


Talking about visibility, your face is your identity and hence millions of products target your face. Its everything! Thankfully, fairness is not marketed anymore, but it went on for so long that it's ingrained in everyone’s head in our country. If you are fair, you achieve everything. Let us just ignore this whole ill-structured concept and realize that healthy skin is everything. The first signs of bad health often appear on the skin. Low iron, skin looks pale. Hormonal imbalance, the skin becomes oily or dry and causes breakouts. Excessive acidity, skin breaks out. With too much sugar, wrinkles appear early. Your skin is basically a guide to your internal health so it becomes increasingly important to understand how to make it healthy. The answer is simple, by maintaining your overall health.


Acne Destructor:

Let us target acne and wrinkles for this write-up. Now acne is complicated. Lucky are those people who never had a single breakout all their lives. They know how it feels to be God’s favorite. Taking into consideration several reasons like puberty, oily food, hormones, PCOD, etc., now even adult acne is on the rise. When a teenager hits puberty, they get acne and with age it subsides. With adult acne, it’s not only painful but extremely tough to make it stop. Let me know to give you a few simple tips to work on it. Firstly, get your hormonal imbalances checked and then treat those imbalances by consulting with the doctor. If there is no problem with the hormones, well the diet is something you need to look into.


Clean your face with a mild face wash twice a day minimum


Drink almost 2 liters of water daily, yes it makes you run to the restroom but anything for good skin right!


Use any water-based moisturizer


Consume 2 walnuts every day empty stomach. They are high in fiber and calcium and also vitamin B6 which is amazing for the skin. They are also basically 15-20% protein.


Drink turmeric tea every day before bedtime (Boil a teaspoon of turmeric in water and drink this water)

Stop consuming milk and switch to non-dairy milk options. Milk usually triggers adult acne in most individuals, because it’s from a hormone-treated animal


Stop the consumption of red meat and stick with Fish and poultry


Add a sustainable protein powder to your diet. Both GRD powder as well the biscuits contain a healthy amount of protein as well as other skin-healthy vitamins and minerals


Wrinkle Diminisher:

Speaking about wrinkles and anti-ageing therapies, there are multiple products that can do your skin good. The biggest component of your skin is Keratin which is a protein. It’s the main protein that makes up your skin, hair and nails, hence it’s something that should not be ignored.

Another protein is Collagen that’s essentially present all over your body and abundantly in the skin. It’s basically a binder protein that binds a lot of things together. It’s a building block for bones, skin, muscles, ligaments, so we need to keep it together.

How can you boost collagen production? It’s tough but it’s not impossible. Let’s talk about some unusual foods that do your skin a lot of good.



Garlic has good amounts of Sulphur which is necessary in collagen production. So if you like garlic, do not hesitate to add it to your daily diet. Raw garlic can cause heartburn and may not go well with blood thinners so be cautious about that.


Bell peppers:

Bell peppers are not just decorative vegetables for your Chinese or salads but they have super high amounts of vitamin C and also Capsaicin which are both necessary for Keratin production and well as collagen production. They are low in calories too. No reason why you should not include them in your diet.



Who doesn’t like cashews! Often everyone worries that cashews will add to your calories but any kind of nuts are healthy calories unless you fry them!! Cashews also have copper which is essential to produce collagen. So few cashews a day can keep the Botox at bay!


A green smoothie/ protein booster shot:

Green leafy vegetables are extremely necessary for boosting collagen levels. It's tough to consume these every day, so it’s best to blend all the goodness into one smoothie.


Spinach- 2 cups


Any fruit of your choice- 1 banana or papaya (too good for the skin) or an orange (Vit C Boost) or just a lemon maybe


A scoop full of GRD protein powder (Choose the variant of your choice). Apart from protein, it has 15 essential nutrients.


For blending, you can use plain water or even coconut water


Blend it all and consume it daily if possible and if not at least thrice a week.


You know you will prevent several visits to a dermatologist if you take good care of your health first. Once you get your perfectly healthy skin, you will enjoy using all the beauty products all the more. So get started right away!


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