By : Apeksha Thakkar Clinical Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutrigenomic Counselor

Foods to be introduced after Infancy (0-1 Years)

Infancy is the most significant phase, where a new born gets complete exposure to new world, developing distinct relationship with the people and food. Infants tiny digestive organs are still under progress and a special heed should be paid to ensure infants overall development isn’t hampered.  As every mother wants the best for her new born, a special guideline will help anxious mums to make the wise choices and avoid giving certain food items in the first year of child's life.


Honey: - Honey in any form (raw, organic, cooked) should be strictly prohibited during infancy phase, there are chances of infant getting affected with ‘Infant Botulinum’ toxicity. Clostridium Botulinum present in honey can be dreadful and an infant can show persistent symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. It can be life threatening. It is better honey is introduced in infants’ diet after 1st Year.

Salt and sugar: - Salt and sugar are a big no to be introduced during infancy. Making salt and sugar a part of every meal can affect infants’ taste and could lead to potential health issues. Sugar sweetened beverages can be a potential of developing childhood obesity.

Sugar and Confectionaries: - Candies, fruits and vegetable sticks in direct form can pose infant on higher risk of choking. It is better off avoided during infancy.

Cow’s milk: - Introducing cow’s milk during infancy can increase the renal load on infants developing kidneys and can also make the growing child at risk of becoming anaemic in near future.

Fruit juices: - Fruit juices usually do not impart and may contribute adverse complications like obesity, over and under nutrition, abdominal distention etc. It should only be introduced under recommendation.

Wheat: - One of the most common allergen, wheat should be introduced in the diet post first birthday. Wheat can tax infants developing digestive system and is usually digested with difficulty. Rice is however a better and safer bet.

Eggs, fish, Tree nuts: - Apart from being the potential allergens, it is better to refrain these food items during infancy, as they can put an infant at the risk of choking. It is better to introduce them later.


It is important to start with natural purees and makes sure the quantity and the consistency is gradually increased based on the preference of the child, tolerability and the nutritional aspect. The above food list will help the caregiver or mother to make smart and safe choices.

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