By : Komal Thakur (Pharmacist, Naturopath, Health & Fitness Enthusiast)

Fruits with mega protein power

Often fruits are consumed with the notion that they are high in vitamins and minerals. Because of the bright colors and a hint of sourness to most of them, it’s assumed that fruits have to be amazing anti-oxidants and as a matter of fact they are. The brighter the color the higher are the anti-oxidant properties. As a general guideline and as a general thumb rule to maintain health it is essential to consume at least one fruit every single day. Except when you are eating grapes, you can eat multiple and not just one! Each fruit has its own qualities. As a preset notion we believe that fruits are good for your skin and hair, basically beauty products, trust me they do way more than that. I am sure by now we all know tomato is a fruit. Tomatoes are so good, they have been found to be anti-cancer. Of course there is not much evidence on how they cure cancer but since they are super high in Lycopene, an anti-oxidant, they prevent the free radical damage, they certainly help prevent a disease like cancer. A colleague of mine who is fifty years old now, can easily pass through as a gentleman in his thirties. He consumes 5 tomatoes every single day since the last ten years. He is perfectly fit with no lifestyle disorders whatsoever. He found his fountain of youth and great health. Now there are multiple other facets to be taken into consideration but tomatoes do add to it positively.


When it comes to proteins, we tend to think about consumption of milk and milk products or better yet eggs, fish, meat, etc. Our mind is also focused on pulses or certain grains that we go towards when we want to increase our protein consumption. Rarely do we rely on fruits for protein, so let’s bust this myth today. I am sure most of you would love to consume fruits for their versatility and ease of consumption, last but not the least, taste. Yes, there are some fruits that can supply you with oodles of protein along with other essential benefits.


Kiwis- Who doesn’t love Kiwis! Their brightest green and yellow colors can boost your mood instantly. This fruit from the land down under has captured our taste buds completely. Now Kiwis are home grown and easily available everywhere. A mere 100 grams can give you almost more than a gram of protein, along with burst of vitamin C. They also have that healthy natural sugar which instantly wakes you up. With few Kiwis a week you can get that glowing skin with protein power.


Guava- When it comes to fruit and protein, Guava is a clear winner. A 100 grams can give you almost 3 grams of protein. The fiber and Vitamin C content is so high that one guava a day can take care of your Vitamin C levels even if you consume no other Vitamin C supplement at all. Because of its high fiber content it’s extremely good for your gut. It is also diabetic friendly. What you may not know about guava is that it can help with your toothache too. So sprinkle that red chili powder and enjoy this fruit anytime of the day.


Lemon- This would come as a surprise to most of you. Can you imagine this multi-purpose citrus fruit to be also high in protein? A 100 grams can give you almost 1.1 gram of protein. We all know how lemon is already an immunity booster and how it’s often used as a detox. But protein, who would have imagined! I do not even need to give you any more reasons or ways to enjoy this already favorite fruit. Often people tend to consume it first thing in the morning with some lukewarm water, tried and tested way to get the Vitamin C boost and also a good detox. When life gives you lemons, get that protein!


Cherries- The real cherry on the cake is that cherries are also good sources of protein. A 100 grams can supply almost 1 gram of protein. One unique benefit that I would like to highlight here is that cherries contain Tryptophan, which is a precursor to melatonin, hence a sleep aid. So if you want good skin and a good night’s sleep, along with all the other benefits, this is the go-to fruit. I don’t even need a single reason to consume cherries, their vibrancy and yumminess is a reason enough.


Cantaloupe- A fruit from the melon family, which is known for its fibrous texture can be super amazing not only for your gut but also for your vision. Firstly, its low in calories, contrary to popular belief. Secondly, 100 grams can give you almost a gram a protein. Thirdly, it tastes great. Cantaloupe is high in Vitamin A and also Vitamin C. Good skin, anti-ageing, and because of the vitamin A, it’s extremely good for your eyes.


Oranges- The most versatile fruit we have. It can be added to your vegetable salads, to your fruit salads, to juices, and also to your cocktails and mocktails. This fruit just enhances the flavor of whatever it’s added to. From the skin, which is dried and used in face masks; to the fruit itself it’s wholesome. You just needed to know that a mere 100 grams that is a single orange can give you almost a gram of protein. We just made it even better!


Protein is almost the foundation of your healthy body, there is no denying it. It’s an essential building block of each cell. It’s important know which foods can provide you with enough protein, we still sometimes fail to focus on this and miss out on our protein needs. That is why we need GRD: The Superior Protein in our lives. A spoonful of this GRD protein power, mixed with any fruit juice can boost the power of that fruit multifold. A spoon can take care of all your protein needs. Take your pick from the wide range of flavors right away.

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