By : Komal Thakur (B.Pharm, Diploma in Naturopathy, Specialist in Clinical Dietetics)

Hair, Hair.. come back here!

When you want some good hair care tips you usually would go to a person who is blessed with great hair. Please focus on the word “blessed” in that statement. Hair or no hair, totally depends on the genetics. Why do you think that some people have thin hair all though their lives? The next time you want good hair advice, please ask someone with average looking hair, for these are the ones who are actually trying to focus on their hair health and maintaining them too. It’s rarely possible to avoid hereditary hair loss, but definitely it’s possible to prolong it and certainly possible to maintain it.


When Anushka Sharma posted on Instagram about the post baby hair loss, I am sure that gave lots of women some hope. Now a days we are surrounded by fakeness turned into reality via social media. Everywhere all we see is perfection. No actress would show you the extensions that have been attached to her heard. No male actor would ever tell you how even after 30 years in movies, his hair is still thriving and only becoming better. Too good to be true! This increases unnecessary pressure on normal individuals like you and me, who have bad hair days way too often. I think it’s high time that we normalize having average hair, however as a part of your healthcare routine, it needs to be taken care of and that is non-negotiable.


Let us once again try to understand why hair loss occurs:


- You can’t do much about it but just postpone it as much as you can


- Well, certainly its under your control, if you don’t stop stressing about your hair fall, it will lead to only more hair fall. What a vicious cycle!

Dietary issues

- Very easy to manage, can be reversed quickly

Post pregnancy

- This can be managed too via a healthy diet

Hormonal imbalances

- This can be managed by correcting the underlying issues

Lifestyle disorders

- If you have a very sedimentary, inactive lifestyle and you have lifestyle related disorders like cholesterol, diabetes, heart issues, etc., hair fall can get triggered


What you eat makes a huge impact on your hair health, undoubtedly. Once you set your mind on the goal to achieve good hair, trust me you will. Hair is nothing but protein. It’s composed of 95% Keratin which is protein. That does not mean that you eat Keratin and automatically your hair will start bouncing. You have to understand the complexity and the underlying cause behind your hair problems. Having said that Protein should form a major component of hair healthy diet. Once the protein is in place, it not only is advantageous for your hair but it takes care of your skin and nails too. Isn’t that amazing?


Everyone knows tons of foods that boost hair health, like eggs, Indian Gooseberries (Amla), Wheat Germ oil, Walnuts, Almonds and the likes. I will not be stressing on what foods are to be consumed but on how these foods are to be consumed to get that optimum hair health.


A very popular dietician recently recommended taking Watercress seeds (aliv) to immediately get the good hair days back. Of course the viewers just ate it up and the sales of water cress seeds suddenly boosted. What she mentioned in the follow up video was, just a pinch taken with some fat like ghee, white butter, etc. should be enough. This is the reason why the “how” is so important.


Circling back to protein. Lots of foods contain protein like I said eggs, walnuts etc. What also has a lot of protein is soy, black gram and many such pulses. What should and ideal hair health diet look like (The diet will give you required 0.8 gram protein/ kg of your body weight, an average of 50-60 grams daily):


On empty stomach

: Drink a glass of soaked water cress or chia seeds. They should be soaked overnight. This will give you loads of iron and protein, both necessary for healthy hair.



: 2 eggs on every alternate day.


Post breakfast

- You can consume a protein smoothie.

The best way to prepare this protein smoothie is by using a spoonful of GRD sugarfree protein powder+ 1 banana or a mango or a papaya+ Maybe a little bit of honey and blend it with yogurt or plain water.

GRD protein powder has all the necessary dietary requirements in one power packed formula. It also has biotin which is a hair specialist super ingredient. It’s extremely safe to consume daily. You can check out the detailed ingredients for more information.



: Make sure to include ragi or jowar flat breads once or twice a week.


Evening snack

: A bowl of boiled black gram. Now black gram thrice a week will do you good or may choose consuming GRD Bix: Wholesome Protein Snacks which are available in 5 delicious flavours.



: Anything with loads of vegetables like green peas, spinach and many other green vegetables. It’s completely ok to skip the flat bread or rice from dinner. Grilled fish or chicken is also a great option.


Now in the above diet, which is very broad level diet highlighting the protein and iron intake which is specific to hair health.

What can you expect after following the above regimen:


Reduction in hair fall

Hair may start to look healthier

Scalp will become more healthier

Damaged hair will bounce back to life

Your skin will start looking more healthier and nourished

This diet will also boost your overall health and your immunity


Wishing you Happy & Healthy Hair days!



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