By : Komal Thakur (B.Pharm, Diploma in Naturopathy, Specialist in Clinical Dietetics)

Not just Vitamin C, this is crucial too

Vitamin C has gained popularity in the last two years and how. I mean, people already knew the importance of this vitamin in our normal day to day functioning and vastly how it’s good for the skin but that’s about it. In the last two years, since the covid era, this vitamin is saving lives. Vitamin C- Saving lives since 2020! Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin C pills in loads of different forms like gulp able, chewable, dispersible, eatable, so on and so forth. Thousands of new Vitamin C brands launched in the last year, made a lot of money and some of them are still making. That’s the advantage of being an OTC product, everyone wants to have it. Most of the people did not even bother to understand why Vitamin C is boosting your immunity, millions of people are taking it so it must be doing something good. I am not denying this fact. Yes absolutely vitamin C is essential for boosting your immunity but it’s not the only thing necessary. Taking a pill or drinking lemon water everyday will definitely work on your immunity but that’s not the only thing that’s working.


The beauty of human body is that it’s so complex. It took us an adversity, a minuscular nasty virus for us to realize that we need to stop and first take care of this body. It took a pandemic for us to do things for our health that are supposed to be done anyways. Well then Kudos for fighting it back with all your might. Every time our body comes in contact with a new pathogen, it reacts. The body has no memory of it so it can react in any absurd way, mostly protecting you at any cost. It’s the defense mechanism. This defense mechanism, the immunity system needs to be strengthened with vitamins, minerals, essential fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Proteins being the key here because proteins are amino acids that are mainly forging immunity. Leukocytes, cytokines, phagocytes, the main components of the immune system are 100% benefited from protein so you understand how and why Protein is also to be focused upon.


As a matter of fact, since 2020, incidences of generic viral infections, cold and flu have drastically reduced. This just goes on to show that merely by washing hands, wearing a mask and focusing on immunity can be brilliant for our health. If we continue to do this and with the vaccinations in place, I am sure we will be back to our so called normal life without any more waves.


I always focus on how to eat, more than what to eat. Tons of protein supplements are available in the market. Protein is almost abundantly present in so many different fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry that we don’t really tend to pay attention unless we want to build some muscles. Well this thought now needs to change and every individual and not just gym goers need to focus on their protein intake to further boost our health and over all immunity.


Dairy, poultry, eggs, dairy products are considered to be complete sources of protein whereas legumes, pulses are considered to be incomplete sources as they may not provide the amino acids needed. Hence, the why becomes important if you are targeting protein to especially aid your immune system. 


I want to tell you what exactly should you eat everyday to give you that additional immunity boost. Things that have the necessary Protein along with Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Since you are going to consume these things everyday along with your daily diet they have to be easily available and inexpensive. That’s one of my prime criteria while putting down this list.

Fruits: Any one fruit among these everyday- Banana, Papaya, Muskmelon. All of these are good sources of protein and also heavily loaded with ani-oxidants. There should be a gap of at least 30 minutes between a fruit and any meal.


Eggs- Eggs can be safely eaten whole, three times a week. They are not just good at immunity boost but of course they are great for the skin and hair. Breakfast is the best time to eat these. However any time of the day won’t do any harm.


Dry fruits- Almonds, dates or walnuts. All three are amazing sources of good fat as well as fiber and protein. Daily doses of any of these will keep up your immunity. Consume these empty stomach early morning.


Vegetables- Carrots, peas, potatoes. These are available around the year. Loads of Vitamins like Vitamin A, B complex and C, along with the right proteins to keep your immunity hyped. You can consume salads for dinner. You can make vegetable smoothies and have them empty stomach, these are most ideal ways. Please remember not to overcook the vegetables ever.


Turmeric and ginger- A small cup of Turmeric and ginger tea before bed every night can do wonders. It’s almost a magical potion for your body. It not only boosts your immunity but also regulates your hormones while promoting good sleep cycle.


GRD: Adding a spoonful of GRD superior protein powder can take away all your protein related woes. Not just protein but this multi mineral, multi vitamin miracle is suitable for any age. Once a day and you don’t have to worry about the protein count. Give it a shot.


Apart from diet, a good sleep cycle is extremely essential for boosting your immunity. Getting 8 hours of peaceful sleep helps regenerate all your cells. The multi vitamin GRD protein powders and diskettes can even aid a restful sleep, in case you needed more reasons!



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