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Pregnancy and protein needs


Recently the most talked about macronutrient has been protein. Everything has been about protein. You want to gain weight, increase your protein intake, you want to lose weight and it is the same solution for that too. Good hair, good skin, great body, it’s all about protein. You go to any health store or pick any health-related product and it’s been fortified with protein. This has turned our minds to believe that protein is the answer to all your health-related questions. Well, it is a myth indeed. Yes, protein is excessively important for the normal functioning of your body, however carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients are equally important. Striking a balance is the key.
Confused again? How much protein is needed for a healthy lifestyle? Well, normally 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight is ideal. This too would differ based on your physical fitness levels, your daily lifestyle, and your medical condition. Some may need more of it and some may need less. When it comes to pregnancy though, extra care is necessary. You cannot go on binging on store-bought protein bars and powders as a means to nourish yourself while you are pregnant. In pregnancy too, only your doctor can advise you on how much protein your body would need ideally. In general, women would need about 40-50 grams daily and in pregnancy, the requirement is almost 60-70 grams daily.
The question now is where should this protein come from and why is this extra amount needed?
Protein in pregnancy should come from your home-cooked healthy food. If you have an irregular lifestyle it needs to be supplemented. Protein is essential for the development of your baby’s tissues and especially its brain. Protein also helps supply the necessary blood to your baby. For the mother, it helps in the development of the uterine muscle and breast tissue growth.

Dairy products


Simplest and the easiest way to get this protein would be from daily products like ghee, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Dairy products are not only high in protein but also calcium. Products like ghee also help in increasing the lubrication of your uterine muscles hence easing any kinds of cramps during pregnancy. A spoonful of ghee every day would be an ideal way. You can add it to your rice, vegetables, and even flatbreads guilt-free.


Cumin seeds ( Jeera)


100 grams of jeera have almost 18 grams of protein. However, a lot of cumin is not advisable in pregnancy. In limited quantities, however, it is essential to boost up the protein intake, balance out the hormones as well as reduce bloating and discomfort which is common during pregnancy.

The lean greens


Green vegetables like green peas, broccoli, and spinach are a must. You must consume them twice a week during pregnancy. These greens will not only boost the protein but also help strengthen the bones, increase the blood iron which is extremely essential in pregnancy and also help in post-pregnancy weight loss. What these also do is help maintain healthy hair so no post-pregnancy hair falls. These are beauty boosters.

Walnuts and Almonds


The safest nuts to be consumed in pregnancy would be walnuts and almonds. Calcium and protein-rich, mega nutritional nuts. Walnuts are also rich in omega 3 which helps the brain development of the baby. Walnuts also help in calming your nerves and in strengthening the brain signaling. Almonds are rich in fiber and vitamin B groups and can help in the prevention of birth defects.

GRD Smart

GRD smart is specifically designed for pregnant and lactating mothers. It is protein-dense and safe to consume. One of the most trusted brands prescribed by doctors. One serving would give you almost 12 grams of protein and fulfill almost all your biotin, vitamin A, Vitamin E, and folic acid requirements. Available in two brilliant flavors chocolate and vanilla can be easily added to your milk or sweet preparations.


These bix or diskettes are your perfect pregnancy companion. Available in flavors like cardamom, vanilla, and chocolate for your sweet cravings and also in Jeera and Mix seasoning flavors for the days when you crave something savory. The safest way to get your protein requirement met with very low calories. If you would like to go sugar-free the bix are also available in the lite version which is sugar-free and has zero cholesterol. Enjoy this happy journey towards healthy motherhood!

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