By : Komal Thakur (Pharmacist, Naturopath, Health & Fitness Enthusiast)

Pregnancy cravings - what not to eat?!

Often while focusing on what to eat, we forget to consider what not to eat. It is certainly true that you are what you eat, and this is because you have consumed the right food and avoided the food that will not do your body well. However, doing this consciously is indeed important. Figuring out what not to eat will give you complete clarity of what is wrong with your body. You cannot always be right, and sometimes it is completely ok to eat that slice of cake.

There are a lot of things advised against in Pregnancy, however, most of them may be a strict no and some of them could be a maybe. A classic example of this would be a friend of mine who put on some extra kilos in her first trimester although her diet was spot on. After carefully studying her eating patterns and her diet regimen it was clear that she is missing essential fats in her diet because of which her body is storing the fats. Based on this she was advised to consume dry nuts like cashews, and walnuts, which are heavy in good fats along with a spoonful of ghee intentionally being added to her breakfast and lunch. After this slight modification, she was able to manage her weight correctly and post-pregnancy did not have trouble shedding off those extra kilos as well.

Let us jump to very specific things that can be avoided in pregnancy. Caffeine, alcohol, and smoking are an obvious NO but there are some foods that need to be taken into consideration.

Raw fish/ shellfish

Raw fish as in sushi preparations and shellfish like crabs, lobster, etc might be completely healthy and considered gourmet means, might be really high in mercury levels, and can be totally cut off during pregnancy. These foods can cause damage to the growth of your baby.

Unpasteurized milk

How much ever it may be
advertised on your tetra packs that the raw milk is safe for consumption without boiling and it would be true in most cases, but in pregnancy, it is best to always boil the milk before consumption. The bacteria in milk could be harmful to the baby, especially in the first trimester when extra care needs to be taken.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are generally very healthy with all the nutrition intact, however in pregnancy, it is advisable to wash and steam, boil or cook at least for 5 minutes before consumption. The reason is not just the elimination of any kind of harmful bacteria/ pathogens, but also easy digestion. This would avoid any bloating issues which are apparently common in pregnancy causing major discomfort.

Papaya and Pineapple

It is a well-known fact that papaya causes uterine contractions. It is the only fruit which is used widely to almost immediately induce menstruation. Similarly, pineapple contains a compound called bromelain which can cause the cervix to become soft and can lead to miscarriages. Although very nutritious, these fruits are to be totally avoided in pregnancy.

Soy sauce/ Ajinomoto

Soy sauce and Ajinomoto are ingredients that are widely used in Chinese cuisine. While you may eat the Chinese recipes that are homemade, takeouts can be dangerous as soy sauce is excessively high in sodium and may cause blood pressure fluctuations. Ajinomoto too can severely impact the brain development of the fetus.

High-intensity whey protein powders

Yes, protein is essential in pregnancy but consumption of raw whey protein powders can be a deterrent in many ways. The best option here to get some good protein would be to stick with the trusted brands and your doctor-recommended brands like GRD.
Since we now have a better idea about what to avoid, let us briefly glance at what we can consume to balance out the nutrition.


Fruits like berries are extremely good. A banana every day would be a brilliant idea too. Walnuts and almonds are indeed your go-to option for fats. Garlic is not a bad idea for your home-cooked Chinese meals.
If you are looking for a reliable protein source that is not just a healthy replacement but also something that would hit the right taste buds, GRD bix would be a simpler choice. With the options of both sweet and savory flavors, you can try these bix anytime guilt-free. A single diskette would give you almost 14% of your daily protein requirement with the goodness of vitamin A, B, and D. A boost of calcium with the much essential folic acid in pregnancy,this can be your go-to health supplement with a twist!

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