By : Komal Thakur (B.Pharm, Diploma in Naturopathy, Specialist in Clinical Dietetics)

Protein and Period pain

Every girl, every woman, has a period story. When we think of a story, we just assume it has a happy ending, however a period story does not have a happy ending at all. It’s either embarrassing or painful. With this blog today, I want to give your period story a very happy ending, rather a very happy beginning, middle and the end. Periods are something that no one looks forward too, the reason being the constant pain. The unbearable, intolerable pain that every female carries with them, inside of them all their lives. What if I tell you not any more. What if I tell you that period pain can simple vanish forever? That discomfort can see itself out of your life forever. The best part is that, this is possible without any medicine, without any harmful chemicals entering your body.


Let us dive into it.


We are not going to talk about the biology of it because you can google it and you can totally become an expert on it in a few hours. So let’s skip to the main part. Why does this pain occur? If we know the reason we can get to the bottom of this unwanted mystery. If I put it in simple words, its muscle contraction and endometriosis. Endometriosis is nothing but the actual shedding of the inner lining of the uterus. Muscle cramps is where we need to focus. What are muscles made of? Protein!!


Protein is our super hero here.


Now there are tons of things women can do to get rid of this pain. Very simple tips and you can have a pain free period always. I will circle back to protein, however you also need to make a few lifestyle changes if you suffer from painful periods (dysmenorrhea). Mild pain is tolerable but if its extreme, you need to:


Get a full blood profiling done

Get your hormone levels tested

Get checked for PCOD


If the cause is related to the above, definitely visit your doctor. However, below are somethings you can immediately put into action:


Walk, walk, walk- Get moving, get active. The more you walk, the more your blood circulation and metabolism improves. Your muscles stay healthy and active, resulting in no cramps.

Reduce the weight around your waist. I am all about body positivity, however any extra weight around the waistline can be potentially dangerous and lead to several health disorders.

Green tea with a pinch of cinnamon- Cinnamon eases the blood pressure and hence its directly related to calming of the nerves. Anti-oxidants in the green tea help level up your metabolism.


Now that we have covered some basic things to follow lets focus on something not many women focus on- The protein intake.

We have already established how protein is directly related to the cramps. To minimize the cramps its important to check your protein requirements. A high protein diet may also reduce the blood pressure by reducing the insulin levels in your body.


Here are a few protein rich foods that can be consumed especially by women to target controlling the period pain.


1. Greek Yogurt:

It has almost 10 grams of protein per 100 grams. It’s a natural probiotic and takes care of your gut health. It also cools off the body and is ideal to boost the Vitamin B levels. It has additional advantages of calcium and magnesium, which help ease the cramps as well and promote healthy sleep cycles.


2. Eggs:

Eggs have a lot of protein. Ideally 2 eggs three times a week should do the trick. Why are eggs specifically better for women for menstrual cramps is because they have loads of iron, magnesium and cobalamin. Iron is one of the main components of blood, and during periods women end up facing severe iron deficiency. Hence, eggs can come in handy.


3. Chia:

Chia seeds are super foods. They have humongous amounts of protein, almost 17grams in 100 grams. The special thing about these is the iron, magnesium and the fiber content content. The fiber in the seeds makes them a super food for the gut. They help in reducing the bloating too. Bloating is one of the main causes of concern in women during periods, which can be easily resolved by consuming chia seeds on a daily basis. One tea spoon soaked overnight in water and had on empty stomach will do wonders to your overall health.


With tons of protein supplements available in the market, it’s easy to balance the protein levels in the body. As women specially tend to ignore their health, it’s time to bring back the attention to it. If you prefer to go for protein powders go for trusted brands only as most of the protein powders contain sugar. However, GRD protein has a sugar free variant too which is worth a try. GRD diskettes (superior protein biscuits) are another thing which are super low in calories and are worth including in your daily good diet regimen.


Here’s wishing you Happy Periods!



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