By : Sheryl Salis (Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator)

Stay Safe this Monsoon Season during COVID-19 Pandemic

Monsoon gives us a respite from the hot summer. With the change of season, we are more susceptible to falling sick due to low immunity. In the monsoon, there are high chances of infection, allergies, indigestion, cold & flu, muscle weakness, and joint pain. In the current scenario of the global pandemic of COVID-19 that has affected all of us, it is then even more important that we maintain our health. Thus, taking care of nutrition, hygiene and immunity is very essential to keep health issues at bay this monsoon.

Some ways to keep yourself healthy this monsoon:
• Eat a balanced diet consisting of all food groups like cereal grains, pulses legumes, fruits, vegetables, milk products and healthy fat.
• Drink boiled or filtered water. Carry your bottle if stepping out and avoid drinking water from outside.
• Seasonal vegetables are a healthier choice like gourd vegetables. Avoid consumption of leafy vegetables during monsoon.
• Have boiled, steamed or stir fry veggies instead of raw vegetables. Instead of salads one can have soups and rasam instead.
• Have seasonal fruits like peach, pear, papaya, plums, litchis and jamun.
• Instead of normal tea and coffee, include a cup of herbal tea like ginger tea or tulsi tea to boost immunity.
• Include spices like ginger, turmeric, tulsi, garlic and pepper in your meal as they are anti-bacterial and boost your immunity as well.
• Protein needs to be consumed in good quantities as it can enhance immunity and is also good for muscle health. Good quality protein like Whey protein needs to be included in the diet. This can also be in the form of protein powders like GRD.
• Have meats and poultry in the form of stews and soup instead of thick gravy and deep frying.
• Choose healthy snacking instead of eating deep fried snacks. Protein rich snacks like nuts and seed, roasted chana peanuts, soy nuts, GRD Bix, GRD Lite are some tasty & nutritious snacking options.
• Try to do indoor exercises or home workouts to boost your immune system and keep yourself fit and healthy this monsoon.
• Use mosquito repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes which are common during monsoon.
• Avoid spicy foods as it can lead to acidity.
• Too much salt can cause water retention, hence needs to be avoided.
• Avoid uncooked and stale food to prevent infection.
• Adequate sleep is essential for good health.

Eating a balanced diet to build a strong immune system, exercise and smart food choices can keep you fit and healthy this Monsoon.

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