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In case you are looking for more information on protein supplements, have a look at some of our commonly-asked questions.
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  • What are protein supplements for?

    Protein is essential for several bodily factors that promote good health. Here are some benefits of protein supplements:

    • Provide adequate dietary requirements
    • Promote muscle recovery
    • Support during pregnancy and post-delivery
    • Protein for vegetarians
    • Promote faster recovery from illness
    • Boost energy and activity levels

  • Will protein supplements make me overly bulky?

    Protein supplements strengthen your muscles and bones but do not add to your bulk. These supplements help repair the wear and tear of your muscle and tissue after a workout.

  • Can I have protein supplements during pregnancy?

    Yes. Protein supplements are a great way to add required levels of protein to your diet during pregnancy especially if you are nauseous or suffering from a decreased appetite.

  • Can protein supplements be given to young kids(above 5 years of age)?

    Yes. Our protein products are safe for kids and even come in exciting flavours for an enjoyable drink that is full of the required nutrients and health benefits for healthier growth.

  • Can I have this as a post-workout drink?

    Yes absolutely! Drinking protein supplements post-workout will enable faster muscle recovery and offer your body the fuel and nutrition it requires after the exertion of the workout to recover faster.

  • When can I see results?

    Typically you should be able to notice changes in your energy levels after 4-6 weeks of regular consumption.

  • How many GRD Diskettes can be consumed in a day ?

    A person can have 2 to 3 GRD Diskettes at a time and these diskettes can be consumed upto 2 times daily. Thus, a person can have upto 6 GRD Diskettes in a day.

  • What are the protein sources in GRD Diskettes?

    The main protein source in GRD Diskettes is Casein.

  • What is Casein

    Casein is a protein present in milk which is a class 1 protein having all essential amino acids. Casein is very easy to digest.

  • Who should have GRD diskettes

    GRD Diskettes are high protein and high calorie supplements. GRD Diskettes can be relished by all. In particular it is of greater benefit in conditions wherein a person needs higher proteins and calories like during pregnancy, growing children, elderly, post-operatively, persons convalescing from any illness, gym goers etc.

  • Can GRD Diskettes be used as a meal replacement or a snack?

    GRD Diskettes are mainly used as a high protein snack to be consumed between meals. Regarding meal replacement, it will be best to discuss with a Doctor or a Dietician.

  • How to consume GRD?

    Two tablespoonful (Approx. 30g) of GRD can be consumed with little cold water or milk.