Eat Lite, Stay lite.... Sugarless Protein Snacks

Available Flavours

Available Flavours

Why is GRD Lite


GRD Lite is a high quality Class 1 protein diskette with no added sugar. It has goodness of puffed rice and zero cholesterol. Each diskette offers 1.4 g protein and 20.14 Kcal. GRD Lite - The Superior Protein is on the go protein snack with no added sugar and zero cholesterol.

Nutritional Facts

GRD Lite - Cardamom Unit Label claim
Nutritional information per 5 g BIX
Per Bix = 5 g
Energy Kcal 20.1
Protein (Mainly milk protein) g 1.4
Total Fat g 0.7
Saturated fatty acids g 0.55
Unsaturated fatty acids g 0.15
Trans fats g 0.014
Cholesterol mg 0
Carbohydrate g 2.50
of which sugar g 0
Polyol (Maltitol) g 0.85
Fibre (FOS) g 0.25
Calcium mg 40
Phophorous mg 38
Iron mcg 567
Vitamin A mcg 100
Vitamin D mcg 0.423
Nicotinamide mg 2
Vitamin B2 mcg 183
Vitamin B1 Mononitrate mcg 165
Calcium Pentothenate mcg 165
Vitamin B6 mcg 80
Folic Acid mcg 16.6
Vitamin B12 mcg 0.08
Copper mcg 67
Manganese mcg 0.133
Zinc mcg 400
Carbohydrate in BIXLite includes Polyol and fibres

Ingredients: Casein(Milk Protein), Sweeteners(INS 965i, INS 955), Puffed rice, Vegetable Fat(Vanaspati), Malt Extract, Soya flour, Raising Agent(INS 500(ii)), Cardamom powder, Antioxidant(INS 320), Vitamins and Minerals.

Contains Added Flavour - Natural and Nature Identical(Cardamom) Flavouring substance.

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