Sugar Free Protein Powder GRD - Sugar Free Protein Powder

Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle

Available Flavours

    Sugar Free Protein Powder Vanilla Flavour
Available Flavours

    Sugar Free Protein Powder Vanilla Flavour
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Why Whey is a


in Diabetes?

Study shows whey protein, which has a high leucine content results in superior MPS rates in humans compared to soy or casein, which have lower leucine content. Amino acids (AA), specifically leucine, activate the mTOR pathway and stimulate protein synthesis. Thus protein providing high leucine content is a superior protein and promotes maximal stimulation of muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

GRD Sugarfree offers the superior whey protein along with low fat and no added sugar to fullfill the protein requirement in management of life style disorders like diabetes and obesity. It contains dietary fibers preventing constipation and is enriched with 26 essential nutrients.

Sugar Free Protein Powder Benefits Sugar Free Protein Powder Benefits
Sugar Free Protein Powder Recommended Usage

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size - 30g    
Nutrients Qty per Serving %RDA
Energy 109 Kcal
Carbohydrates 16.50 g
Sugar (sucrose) 0 g
Protein 9.00 g 15%
Fat 0.36 g
Vitamin A 555.00 mcg 92%
Vitamin D2 2.50 mcg 25%
Vitamin C 25.00 mg 62%
Vitamin E 6.00 mg 60%
Niacin 12.00 mg 75%
Vitamin B2 1.10 mg 79%
Vitamin B1 1.00 mg 83%
Vitamin B5 1.00 mg 20%
Vitamin B6 0.48 mg 24%
Folic Acid 0.10 mg 100%
Biotin 30.00 mcg 100%
Vitamin B12 1.00 mcg 100%
Vitamin K 15.00 mcg 27%
Calcium 120.00 mg 20%
Phophorous 90.00 mg 15%
Iron 7.22 mg 42%
Copper 0.40 mg 23%
Manganese 3.80 mg 95%
Iodine 45.00 mcg 30%
Zinc 2.00 mg 17%
Selenium 9.00 mcg 23%
Chromium picolinate 200.00 mcg
Molybdenum 10.50 mcg 23%
Chloride 120.00 mg 5%
FOS 1.50 g
Taurine 15.00 mg

Ingredients: Skimmed milk powder, Extruded Rice Powder, Extruded corn Powder,Whey protein concentrate (Whey protein 17.6%), Fructooligosaccharide powder, Sweetener(INS 955), Taurine, Ticker(INS 466), Preservative(INS 211), Vitamins and Minerals.

Contains Added Flavour - Artificial (Vanilla) Flavouring substance.

Direction to use GRD Sugarfree


  • Add 2 tablespoonful (approx. 30g) of GRD SUGARFREE VANILLA FLAVOUR with little cold

  • Mix well and form
    a smooth paste

  • Add hot or cold water or milk to make up a glass

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