Daily Protein Requirement

Daily Requirement

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Protein is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of the human body. However, not everyone requires the same amount of protein in their diet. Based on age, gender, activity levels, and other factors, individuals require different amounts of protein for good health.

In addition, certain life stages such as pregnancy, adolescence, and infancy require higher levels of proteins to boost health and keep your tissues and bones in good condition.

Daily protein requirements vary depending on

  • Age


    Proteins act as building blocks for the body’s muscle and tissues. Growing children need much more protein to keep up with their repair needs.

  • Gender


    Men and women of different sizes will need different levels of protein for a healthier life. In some cases such as pregnancy women will require more protein as well as men with more muscle mass.

  • Weight


    In case you are overweight or underweight, protein can be a great source of adding fuel to your body without excess calories.

  • Muscular exertion

    Muscular exertion

    Individuals with highly physical jobs that require more exertion will require larger amounts of protein to meet the body’s repair needs.

  • Muscle mass

    Muscle mass

    Men and women with a higher muscle mass will require more protein to maintain their muscle strength than those with a lower muscle mass.

  • Health


    Adequate protein is a requirement for everyone to live a good and healthy life based on their body type.

Based on your age check for your

Daily Protein requirement

At every stage, the daily requirement of protein varies based on muscle requirements and other factors. Here is how much protein you should be consuming at every age.

  • Infant

    (Age 0-6 months)

    1.16/ gms/kg/day

    Protein Requirement

    Body Weight- 5.4 Kg
    Energy Requirement-
    (Kcal/day) 92/kg

  • Infant

    (Age 6-12 months)

    1.69/ gms/kg/day

    Protein Requirement

    Body Weight- 8.4 Kg
    Energy Requirement-
    (Kcal/day) 98/kg

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